About Us

In 2013, a few Galveston County residents joined together to start an annual Christmas toy drive. The toy drive was a way to give back to the community that had given to them. In doing so, they discovered that some residents in the community were in great despair and highly under served. Christmas is very joyous times for some but for others it is very stressing and depressing. We quickly realized that it wasn’t just toys that we were passing out. We were actually passing out hope and restoring people’s faith in a better tomorrow. After three hugely successful toy drives, G County Hope Foundation was created! In 2017, we worked with Toys For Tots to help us reach a lot more people People needed this Hope and it goes a very long way.


It is our mission through the acts of caring, volunteering, donating, and organizing events/drives to¬†uplift and inspire the spirit humanity and hope throughout our community. We strive to be one of the pillars that hold our community up. In the vast Sea Of Hope, it’s our goal to be the rising tide that lifts all boats.


People are capable of living 40+ days without eating.

People are able to survive 21+ days without water.

People can sustain living 3-8 minutes without air.

But without HOPE you will not last a second!

Our goal is to provide HOPE to those in dire need.